MR & MRS SMITH: Elevating Direct Mail marketing in luxury travel.

Celebrating two decades in luxury travel, Mr & Mrs Smith has become a household name in aspirational travel experiences. However, previous direct mail campaigns failed to deliver the desired results. The challenge was clear: prove the effectiveness of direct mail while maintaining the brand’s luxury appeal.


In collaboration with Mr & Mrs Smith, our goal was to improve the ROI of their direct mail campaigns. Enter the PSE DM Success Cycle!

We began by leveraging existing customer behavioural insights to segment the database, identifying key opportunities. Our Planning team worked closely with our Data Analysts to segment active members from potential “win-back” opportunities and further divided them into three main groups:

  • Customers booking UK breaks versus those spending on overseas breaks, requiring tailored content for each.
  • Timing of bookings, with nearly 50% of January bookings traditionally occurring before Easter, guided content creation while enhancing the brand’s luxury reputation.
  • Two distinct audiences: affluent families in larger houses and well-paid 20 to 30-year-olds in urban settings. This analysis and propensity model pinpointed the most lucrative segments, and creative was tailored accordingly.


The brief called for an aspirational piece evoking emotional travel sentiments without resorting to traditional January peak “sale and hard sell” tactics. The look and feel, as well as how the piece would be produced, were key to success.

Leveraging JICMAIL insights indicating an average interaction of 4.6 times for travel mailings, we aimed to create a lasting direct mail piece that would serve as a coffee table fixture.

To cater to four key segments—Active, Lapsed, Younger, and Older—we collaborated closely with the in-house studio and devised a content plan featuring a mix of shorter breaks and longer stays, showcasing both UK and overseas destinations.

Differentiating from competitors, the outer envelope boldly declared, “HOTEL LOVERS ONLY ASK ONE QUESTION… BUT IS IT A SMITH HOTEL?”

Inside, recipients found an 8-page newspaper titled “Room Service,” departing from conventional brochures while maintaining the Mr & Mrs Smith brand look and feel. Aspirational content showcased the Top 9 places to visit in 2023, styled after a Sunday supplement, enticing readers to explore further on the website and make bookings.


Through our detailed post campaign analysis, both we and the client were extremely happy. Why?

Well, the results were staggering. Achieving a response rate of 1.59% and an exceptional ROAS of 35:1, the campaign exceeded all expectations.

This collaboration between Mr & Mrs Smith and PSE demonstrates the power of strategic direct mail marketing in the luxury travel industry, setting new standards for engagement and ROI.

And to top it all off, this piece was awarded a Gold at the 2023 DMA Awards, solidifying its success and recognition within the industry.