THE WINE SOCIETY: A creative partnership

The Wine Society, the world’s oldest member-owned community of wine lovers, has been serving its members since 1874. In Spring 2004, they aimed to run a win-back campaign that not only represented their brand but also re-engaged previous customers, encouraging them to reactivate their memberships.


The Wine Society sought a win-back campaign that would stand out and resonate with their brand values. Our creative team took on the challenge, designing a beautiful piece of summer-themed direct mail that was both visually stunning and functional.

A Maltese cross format was selected for its unique and eye-catching design. The production team then stepped in, sourcing the right paper stock, performing pre-flight checks to ensure deliverability, and collaborating closely with the account management team to ensure everything was delivered on time.


The results were outstanding. This campaign delivered more than double the expected response rate, proving the power of creative direct mail in re-engaging past customers and reinforcing The Wine Society’s esteemed brand.