It’s a word that evokes a kaleidoscope of reactions amongst marketers and their audiences alike. Be you excited at the opportunity it brings, bored by its numeral nature, or anxious at the thought of privacy invasion. There’s no denying that the correct use of data opens the door to a whole host of marketing opportunities and benefits. With that said, requests of clients to share their audience data is often met with reluctance, despite faith in us and our services.

So, why entrust your data to PSE? Read on as we attempt to put your data distresses to rest and introduce a world of potential profits that PSE’s data profiling can help you achieve.

Security and GDPR

Since the overhaul of data protection legislation in 2018, GDPR has rendered customer data a subject cased in apprehension. Using and sharing data can feel like a minefield to navigate, with threats of hefty fines causing the words ‘data breach’ to haunt the nightmares of businesspeople everywhere. As a result, many businesses opt to stick with basic and largely ineffective data collection, analytics, and usage or simply avoid the area as much as possible, missing out on its potential for prolific business.

Understanding that this is the case, PSE has invested heavily in our team and process to gain a water-tight understanding of how we can legitimately use our clients’ data. In fact, we value appropriate and effective data usage so much so that we have in-house data specialists that are whole-heartedly pledged to data profiling and analysis.

One of the key points that our team of number-crunchers consistently make as client reassurance is the fact that the data we ask of you isn’t quite the invasive information people perceive it to be. In fact, the information that we need to perform our profiling is – whilst albeit insightful – quite basic. This means that you can rest assured, knowing that your audience’s most personal – and legally precarious – information is kept well away from your campaign strategy. With that said, make no mistake that our treatment and investigation into the data is not in-depth, with our track record providing a testament to our uniquely effective techniques.

Common Targeting Methods vs. Effective Strategy

The attention to detail used to profile and curate the audience that will be on the receiving end of your marketing is critical to the rate of positive responses, and more often than not, businesses aren’t maximising their data’s potential. For example, ABC1 is a social class segment that has consistently seen a steady increase in numbers and spending power year on year. With this in mind, it’s easy to see the appeal of targeting this group. However, did you know that ABC1 encompasses around half of the general public? As most marketing professionals will tell you that attempting to appeal to the masses with targeting so broad is rarely an effective use of your budget and is often considered the enemy of ROI. So, why feed your precious pounds into a campaign bound to return a small percentage of engagement when a simple profiling strategy with PSE can transform your mailing list into an attentive audience?

Strategic Profiling

So, we’ve profiled your data, and by now, we’ve gained a thorough understanding of your audience. We know their social class, age, house type, and more and have obtained all of this information in a way that is totally GDPR compliant, posing no risk to your company or the lucky recipients of your marketing material. So, what’s next? Well, we could sit back and watch your new and improved mailing list produce new and returning business like never before and relax in the security of our solid returns. However, if you’ve worked with PSE before, you’ll know that resting on our laurels isn’t something we do. Continuously, strategically developing your campaign is.

Once your first mailer has had the chance to do its rounds, engage a whole host of new clientele, and reigniting the interest of past patrons, your campaign will be itching to find a second gear. Not only because we’ve achieved a brilliant return on investment thanks to our first round of data profiling but because we now have additional information to make the second even more effective.

If round one of profiling your data showed us the 10% of the country that might be interested in your product or service, the second round will utilise the data that shows us the 5% within our original pool that manifest that interest into engagement. Gaining this in-depth knowledge opens up numerous doors to higher returns and lower investments. Now we have a greater understanding of who the profitable members of the public are, we can continue to target our new-found golden goose whilst reducing the mail you send out to unresponsive segments of the public. This means smaller mail-outs, lower costs, and improved sustainability thanks to the reduced materials used, all whilst reaching the same soaring returns. Alternatively, why not take our now deeper-than-ever understanding of your audience, and find people just like them to target from further afield? Now that we have a great understanding of who engages with your offering, you’d better believe that there is a whole host of people just like them across the country, just waiting to hear what you have to say.

Have you ever wondered what PSE stands for? If so, then you can truly say you’ve learnt something new today… it stands for Print Strategy Europe. Of everything we could shout about regarding our creative, dedicated, results-driven company and team, PSE is a reminder that strategy is at the heart of everything we do; and data profiling is no exception.

If you’d like to find out more about data profiling, get in touch to speak with a specialist.