The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) is home to Europe’s largest community of data-driven marketers, creators and business leaders. They are at the heart of the Direct Response industry, and we are delighted to be working with them after many years of membership.


As a long-established Direct Response Agency, PSE focuses on how data and insight can drive better customer acquisition. We help our clients to better understand their existing customers, to find more of them and unlock new audiences too.

Therefore, the Customer Acquisition category seemed a perfect opportunity for PSE to support and be involved with at every stage.

The DMA Awards are far more than a great night out to see our peers collect well-deserved awards, it’s a coming together of our community. There is considerable work behind the scenes from clients and agencies to create great submissions, followed by industry leaders participating in judging through to celebrating our industry’s success at the Awards event in December – true collaboration at every stage.


The Awards are also a showcase for attracting new talent to the industry, something PSE are keen to support. Over the course of 2023 we have recruited and are training several new team members in all areas of the business.

This year PSE have worked with numerous major clients to help them understand their customers better and to drive new customer acquisition, alongside reactivating lapsed customers too.

Brands such as HelloFresh, Stagecoach, Hawes & Curtis, Coat Paints, NatWest, and many more have seen growth in highly targeted offline new customer acquisition. From direct mail and unaddressed mail to door drops and targeted inserts, all have seen incremental revenue and improved ROI.




Entering its 20th year of trading, Mr & Mrs Smith has become an aspired household name in luxury travel, yet it had seen previous direct mail campaigns fail to live up to expectations.

The brief was simple yet perfectly written, prove this channel can deliver a profitable ROI whilst maintaining the brand’s aspirational values when targeting active and lapsed customers.

With the Agency and Client working in true collaboration, a clear strategy was developed which included extensive customer analytics to identify the audience and content required to deliver success. The creative execution broke the mould, moving away from the traditional brochure or direct mail booklet, delivering an immersive experience in the form of an 8pp newspaper.

Well, the results proved that the strategy and creative were perfect for the Mr & Mrs Smith customer, the ROAS delivered was 35:1. This exceeded all expectations and resulted in direct mail becoming an important element of the marketing mix.



HelloFresh is a brilliant, life-changing product. ‘Life Changing Events’ such as moving home often mean consumers reassess many parts of their lives.

We analysed the customer base against historic homemovers, and this enabled us to develop a clear strategy to build homemover data into our regular testing plan. The results were huge, showing a 28% uplift in response rates over already high performing data!

With agency and client working in true collaboration we developed a clear strategy to maximise this huge opportunity and through a combination of creative, introducing and testing data sources and applying HelloFresh customer insight, the homemover channel now performs at over 64% higher than all other high performing data sets.

Homemover is now an always-on channel. New customers are won even on non-seasonal mailing months such as August and December.