Welcome to the wonderful world of business growth, the promised land where profit margins soar through the sky and your slice of the market share pie never slivers below a healthy wedge. As alluring as this world sounds, reaching it isn’t as simple as rubbing a magical lamp and asking for 3 wishes… is it?

Well, whilst we can’t offer you any magical wishes, we at PSE are instead armed with 3 reliable tools proven to help drive business growth. Read on to find out how PSE’s expert experience, creativity, and data usage can help you.

Tool #1: Experience

After 30 years of experience in the marketing industry, it’s very rare that we come across storms that we haven’t previously weathered or opportunities that we haven’t seized. Through decades of hard work, successes, and lessons learned, we have amassed a depth of knowledge and skills that you aren’t likely to find at an overnight agency.

But enough boasting about how old we are, how can our experience become a business growth tool for a client like you?

Something we’ve all learned in the past few years is that – whilst there’s no crystal ball telling us what the future holds – the ability to forecast and anticipate accurately is an invaluable asset. A sixth sense for spotting potential problems before they turn into full-blown, growth-derailing disasters is an essential asset and one that is only bought with the currency of time. With experience on your side, you can pivot, adapt, and spot opportunities that your competitors could be too slow to react to.

Spotting opportunities is one thing, but having the innate knowledge of what simply works and what doesn’t is a time saving and profit expanding asset of an experienced marketeer. In other words, we’ve seen strategies that work, and those that are a waste of time. That means we are able to efficiently provide the solutions you need to achieve the results you want, with the resources you have.

Tool #2: Creativity

Creativity is the spice that separates the flavourful from the bland, the engaging from the forgettable, and the growth from the stagnation. From creating eye-catching visuals, to taking on an unconventional approach to strategy, creativity is an essential tool for business growth.

Chances are, you’re not the only business to be doing what you do, so what’s making you stand out and create a lasting impression? Expert design is essential in creating a memorable brand encounter, but it takes more than a few pretty pictures and flashes of colour. Instead, your marketing material needs to tell the story of your brand at just a glimpse, sewing the initial seed of intrigue and watering it as it blossoms into a deep-rooted relationship. With a dedicated team of right-brain-dominant Adobe-ophiles, the PSE design team have a deep-rooted passion for growing businesses through creative brand storytelling.

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes however, and applying it across your business is essential. If a gorgeous design is the fertiliser to enable your business growth, then a generic, stagnant business strategy is the insubstantial concrete you’ve decided to plant it in. Instead, provide your strategy with a nourishing foundation in the way of innovation and creativity. Trialling new techniques, channels, messaging, and more could breath new life into your strategy, and help to ignite your business growth. With that said, there’s a big difference between whimsical, hit-and-hope tactics, and directed creativity – and that difference is experience-based guidance.

Tool #3: Data

Have you ever heard of a pilot flying without the vital instruments to direct them to their destination? If so, it was likely the last time you did hear about them. Without up-to-date information on location, altitude, winds, and currents, there’s a pretty good chance our plucky pilot is getting lost.

Just as a captain relies on their instruments to chart a safe and efficient course, marketers must rely on data to guide their decisions and steer their campaigns in the right direction. Without data, you’re essentially flying blind, hoping for the best but setting yourself up for failure. With appropriately utilised data, reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time becomes cheaper as your campaign becomes more effective. In other words, data is an incredibly powerful catalyst for ROI.

But here’s the thing: not all data is created equal. The data set you’ve been relying on for the past 5 years may have served you wonderfully at a time, but how much of it is still relevant today? Statistics show that the average database degrades by around 30% per year, which means almost a third of your existing data will be useless a year from now – and that’s if you’d had it refreshed today. Old data means wasted spend, lower ROI, and misleading post-campaign analysis, which is why data-cleansing services like ours are essential for business growth.

In short, audience data usage is not just a nice-to-have for businesses – it’s a must-have. It’s the key to making informed decisions, enhancing your ROI, and growing your business. So don’t be a blindfolded pilot.

Combining our tools

When it comes to business growth, the three tools of experience, creativity, and data are like the three musketeers – each is a potent tool on its own, but together they’re an unstoppable force. Experience and data provide the knowledge and information needed to make smart, informed decisions. These decisions and strategies are enhanced with the spark of innovation and creativity, creating the holy trinity of business growth.

Knowing which strategies will work most efficiently for our clients, supercharging them with creative flare, and utilising up-to-date data to guide their campaigns towards the most effective and responsive audience is the PSE way. Interested in finding out how we might apply our business growth tools to your marketing strategy? Simply get in touch via the contact form below.