By working with the PSE team, you’ll be using the UK’s best award-winning Direct Response team.‬


We’re immensely proud of PSE being home to some of the finest talent in Direct Response marketing. Our proven process ensures the creation of successful direct mail campaigns and it’s a great honour to be recognised as the best Direct Mail Agency at the 2023 DMA awards.

However, at the core of our success lies a team of exceptional individuals driven by passion for what we do. We prioritise people, foster inclusivity, and consistently receive positive feedback from our clients about our professionalism and ease to work with. This is what truly makes us proud.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly to our team. For a general overview of how we can assist you, don’t hesitate to contact Beth and Katie in our Client Leadership Team.


Creative data geeks, thinkers and grafters, we are good people with the right attitude. Our clients describe us as down to earth, easy to do business with and experts in our field. And we are pretty happy to shout about that!

Leadership Team

Guided by our founders and a new Managing Director, PSE drives growth with print and trade solutions expertise since 1995.

Client Success Team

Proactively addressing our client needs, our team dives deep into the clients’ expectations, to achieve their goals and ensuring success.

Strategy & Planning

Defining the most effective strategic approach and meticulously planning campaigns to achieve your business growth and CPA targets.

Data Analysis & Selection

As the UK’s best, PSE excels in data analysis and selection. We ensure precision in data targeting strategies and data security.

Creative & Copywriting

Focused on designing impactful and engaging campaigns to drive maximum response and interaction within your brand’s look and feel.

Print & Production

With over 50 years of top-quality print and production expertise and innovation, PSE focuses on producing effective and sustainable solutions. 


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