Bootcut jeans, vinyl records, and direct mail are three things that many believe to be mere remnants of decades gone by. However, those with an ear to the ground will know that these so-called ‘relics’ do, in fact, hold just as much – if not more – value in today’s day and age.

Okay. Bootcut jeans might be an exception.

But there’s a reason that direct mail has avoided going the way of the landline, and it has nothing to do with its nostalgic appeal. Instead, it’s all about the fact that it consistently proves itself as one of the most compelling and effective marketing channels. Yes, even in 2024.

So, what about direct mail means that it’s still relevant to 2024 marketing strategies and deserves your serious consideration? Read on to find out.

Direct Mail drives traffic and searches

It’s undeniable that – in most cases – just about all of your customers will end up making their most monetarily valuable interactions with your business online. With that in mind, surely the most efficient route to purchase is to drive website traffic from those already surfing the net.

Well, driving online traffic through offline mediums may be more effective than you think. The synergy in combining digital and offline marketing is one of the reasons that direct mail is still relevant to your 2024 marketing strategy.

Despite its offline nature, direct mail has proven to be an effective way of driving direct traffic to your website for a variety of reasons and through a number of methods. On top of having the ability to retain an audience’s attention for significantly longer and facilitate greater brand recall, the likelihood of recipients heading straight to your website increases once more with the integration of digital design: who doesn’t love a good QR code?

Direct Mail gives better ROI than social media

When it comes to things that the average human depends upon day-to-day, social media holds second place only to fresh air itself. Although it is a photo finish.

Social media marketing allows us to instantly reach the billions of people clasped tight within its intoxicating grip and does so all whilst demanding a relatively small slice of your marketing budget – all channels considered. Such properties make social media the first port of call for most businesses, but reach doesn’t always equate to reward. So, are you getting the best return on your investment by just using a Facebook ad?

Studies by Marketreach revealed that direct mail is 35% more engaging than social media advertising. Such improved engagement rates can, in part, be attributed to the week-long lifespan that the average mailer or insert spends within the home. However, the offline media’s unique tangibility, data leverage, creative opportunity, and more all combine to offer both instant uplift and lasting retention to improve your ROI.

Direct Mail builds a relationship

If it’s archaic marketing strategies that you’re trying to avoid, then focusing all of your efforts solely on customer acquisition is about as dead and buried as they come. It’s generally recognised that the most valuable members of your audience are those that are already active customers, and – whilst customer acquisition should be ongoing – generating and warming up leads to the point of purchase is an expensive and arduous use of resources. As a result, relationship marketing has become one of the highest-valued strategies amongst marketers the world over. But what channels are they finding most effective? There are no prizes for guessing correctly.

Relationships are built through experiences, be that with another person, your favourite football team, or a brand. The way moments between people and brands are experienced has a vital role to play in what these relationships become or whether they are built at all. For example, is this moment a passer-by social ad or an insert in your favourite monthly subscription?

Most relationships begin with the exchanging of names, and by using personalisation techniques – such as variable data printing and personalised URLs – businesses can create a direct mail piece that feels thoughtfully tailored to the recipient. Beyond this, direct mail establishes a connection with recipients through the real-world experience of interactive touch – a property unique to this channel.

Not only are they great for encouraging repeat purchases with an individual, but positive relationships like these are a great way to mould your recipients into ROI-building, word-of-mouth-spouting brand ambassadors of your own. Cost efficiency at its best.

Direct mail isn’t going away

The bottom line is this: direct mail has stood the test of time and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. More and more businesses are waking up to the power of direct mail, which means that even if you’re not making the most of its numerous benefits, your competitors likely are.

If your marketing strategy isn’t moving forward, it’s moving backwards: and with it, your profit margins. If you’re interested in finding out more about how PSE can ensure your 2024 marketing strategy is progressing in the right direction, simply fill in your contact details down below.